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Meddling in the Americas: the CIA in Latin America


The HathiTrust

The HathiTrust Digital Library is an online collection of over 17 million digitised books. See how these sources can be used to aid your learning on a range of topics

The HathiTrust ( is an online repository for digital books that are now out of copyright. It draws on the digital collections of several university libraries, pulling them all together into one place. Like Google Books, some titles are only available as snippets or previews because they are still in copyright and available for purchase. However, the website allows you to filter for e-books which are available as full text. You can further filter the results by language, date and several other variables.

There are currently more than 17 million digitised books on the platform, covering all aspects of life, literature and culture. The platform is skewed towards the English-speaking world, and the US in particular, since it draws particularly heavily on the collections of American university libraries. Books published before 1925 are now out of US copyright and can be made freely available.

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Meddling in the Americas: the CIA in Latin America

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