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Civil Rights Digital Library

A wealth of resources to inform students on the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Digital Library, part of the Digital Library of Georgia, is an archive dedicated to collecting and sharing primary sources from the Civil Rights Movement, which occurred between 1953 and 1968 in the USA. The archive provides access to contemporary historical news film, newspapers, policy documents, photographs and much more. It is also particularly strong on oral history. By partnering with other digital archives across the USA, this library acts as a portal through which to explore a seemingly endless body of material that covers every element of the Civil Rights Movement. Students visiting this site will discover a wealth of resources that will support their learning of this important era in US history.

Visitors to the library can investigate legal challenges like Brown v. Board of Education (1954), which desegregated education in the USA, or Loving v. Virginia (1967), which made interracial marriage legal. They can learn about protests such as the sit-ins, bus boycotts and marches, or even investigate more niche topics under their own steam. The library provides a helpful timeline of the Civil Rights Movement, which will be a useful starting point for visitors as it highlights many of the most significant events that occurred during this period. Clicking on each individual event takes the user through to a collection of related records spread across multiple partnered archives. The results of the search can then be investigated one by one.

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Independent research projects

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