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Legislative logjams in the US Congress

Devolution: is it the end for the United Kingdom?

Has the UK’s devolved response to the health crisis made a break-up of the union more likely?

A supporter of Scottish independence at a rally in Glasgow, September 2020

You need knowledge of the role, power and impact of the devolved institutions in all UK regions, and to be able to analyse whether 20 years of devolution should be ‘settled’ in the form of a federal UK or full independence.

For more than a year, citizens across the globe have adapted to changing rules and regulations brought in to tackle a virus that has no respect for national borders. In the United Kingdom, the COVID-19 health crisis exposed the often-conflicted relationship that exists between the home nations, and the unclear responsibilities for vital aspects of citizens’ lives — especially health, education and public transport. The crisis also called into question the relationships between central, regional and local administrations.

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Legislative logjams in the US Congress

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