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Writing up your GCSE fieldwork

case study

Rewilding the Cairngorms

During your GCSE geography studies you need to understand the processes and interactions that operate within an ecosystem and the issues related to biodiversity and sustainability in the management of an area. This article provides a useful case study on these themes.

Lochnagar, a mountain peak in the Cairngorms National Park

Deforestation is a significant global issue. Trees play a vital role in the process of storing carbon, which helps us to reduce the amount of emissions reaching our atmosphere and changing our climate. They also provide a habitat and food source that can support wildlife. Trees perform vital ecosystem processes such as nutrient cycling and water storage, which help to reduce the risk of leaching and flooding.

Increasingly, we are witnessing forests being cut down or burned in order to clear land for farming, mining and other industries. In September 2019, wildfires raged across the Amazon rainforest in South America, one of the most valued and extensive rainforests in the world. This caused much concern over the impact that this might have on global weather patterns.

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Writing up your GCSE fieldwork

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