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Mapping tectonic hazards

case study

Monsanto in Mexico

For your GCSE geography course, you need to know about the role of a transnational corporation (TNC) in a particular country. This article focuses on maize production in Mexico, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the activities of Monsanto, which is a very large TNC.

Many Mexicans rely on maize as their staple food

Maize (also called corn) is a very important agricultural product and the third most important cereal crop in the world. You may have eaten it as sweetcorn or popcorn, however most maize is turned into animal feed. Mexico in central America is the birthplace of maize. Many people here still rely on it as their main staple food crop, but it is also grown on large farms by transnational corporations (TNCs) such as Monsanto.

A TNC is an enterprise doing business in more than one country. Many TNCs are huge. In 2015, 69 of the world’s 100 largest economies were TNCs, compared to only 31 countries.

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Mapping tectonic hazards