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The 2022 Pakistan floods

Climate change and extreme weather

GCSE geography specifications require you to understand the links between climate change and extreme weather events. This article looks at the 2022 floods in Pakistan as a case study.

A family walks through flood waters during the floods in Mehar, Pakistan, August 30 2022

Scientists believe that the 2022 floods in Pakistan, which displaced more than 30 million people, are linked to climate change, with some areas having three times the usual amount of rainfall following a period of extremely high temperatures. It is a fact that countries which contribute the least carbon dioxide emissions are often most affected by climate change. While Pakistan contributes only 0.7% of global greenhouse gases it is the eighth most vulnerable country in the world to the effects of climate change.

In August and September 2022, Pakistan was hit by major floods causing thousands of deaths, injury, disease and homelessness. The pictures on our screens at that time showed the misery and devastation caused by the floods. At least 1,700 people were killed, of whom 600 were children. Land was submerged by floodwater for many months, leading to widespread disease and malnutrition.

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Choropleth maps

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